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Kudos to Serife for raising this interesting and important question. If we are truly concerned with promoting the health of patients suffering from mental disorders, we certainly ought to explore viable alternatives and/or complements to pharmacological and psychotherapeutic interventions. It is very unfortunate that so little research to date has been done to investigate the therapeutic efficacy of engaging psychiatric patients in narrative writing, and cheers to Serife for initiating a dialogue in an effort to instigate future research efforts in this direction.

Also, I just want to point out a correction. Serife may be found at the following website:

I've updated the web link. Thanks, Jackie.

Thanks, Jackie, for the insight and weblink. There are other populations who also benefit from being encouraged to write. I have see a definite improvement in mood and attitude in my brother who is asphasic after the removal of a large benign brain tumor and whose speech therapist is encouraging him to write and (most important) reading his writing and responding to it.
Alice Carney

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