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Does this mean we could be influenced by a blood doner that we get blood from, also??

Our bodies are more than the physical. Our memories/emotions are stored in our energy field that surrounds the body. Read Barbara Brennan, Hands of Light. And in terms of Karma, aren't we taking on the Karma of the donor when we receive blood, organs...? It's wonderful that mainstream medicine can finally begin to act as though it has investigated the body enough to know that it will heal itself if we would get the heck out of it's way. Of course truly health conscious medicine cannot exist in a super capitalistic health system.

The body is more than the physical. Our emotions are stored in a part of us which is outside the solid matter. Read Barbra Brennan, Hands of Light. It's about time medicine field is asking such questions, but the answers are already known. In a super capitalistic society don't expect to learn about your humanity from the health department. We take on the Karma of the donor of blood and organs. Medical community needs to be educated about the divinity we each possess. The body heals itself. Just get the heck out of it's way. To think that your physical head (brain) possesses your mind after you are dead just shows ignorance at our highest levels of neuroscience. You seem to not have discovered the mental, astral, causal... bodies which we are.

As a scientist, I am sceptical of the explanation offered for changes to mental capabilities following heart transplants. However, I do agree that the brain, and even neural tissue in general, is not the sole seat of the person, which I take to be your main point. Descartes is often ridiculed in scientific circles for his "ghost in the machine", but modern understanding of the nature of reality gives him quite some credence. We are both our mind and our body and the best model of what it is to be a human being takes these combined, not one or the other separately. The mind is best described as the product of information processing in the brain, but the brain is strongly influenced by the chemical environment generated by the rest of the body - in fact the two influence each other intimately as components of a complex system from which personality emerges.

Of great interest is the difference between the material world and the mind. A scientific view is that the mind is one of the creations of the working brain, but we should really extend this to the whole body to take account of the mutual influences. According to recent research evidence, our behaviour (the outward signs of our mind) is determined, not by conscious deliberation, but rather by established patterns of responses to sensory signals combined with internally generated impulses, of which we are only aware after the event. The conscious mind is a super-construction with the role of reviewing and evaluating our behaviour, not causing it. The mind, and its causitive neuro-endocrinal processes amount to information processing in ways which are unique to the individual. Information processing is one of the essential features of all life according to the Manturana and Valera hypothesis (which seems to be right), but it is taken to the ultimate level (that we know of) in the human being. Information processing - computation - is the process of making information semiotic (meaningful), given a definition of (primitive) information as differences in the material world (the unit of which is a single difference in space or time which encodes a single bit). Since all information must be encoded in differences in the physical world, the mind cannot be other than a part of that world, hence classical dualism is wrong. However, because the processing done by a human mind results from the combined efforts of body and brain, chemicals and neural signals, it is also wrong to treat the brain as the whole and independent home of the mind.

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