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Apologies to all of the non-SfNers for the change, which may make it harder for some of you to attend the Neuroethics Society meeting in November. It's obviously a pretty drastic move to postpone and move a meeting, and we did not make the decision casually! It was a response to feedback from many members, especially overseas members, who could not afford two major trips per year and who were committed (as most of the Neuroscience world is) to attending the Society for Neuroscience meeting. So, we'll be meeting for a full day before the SfN, on November 12th, in beautiful warm and sunny San Diego. Not a bad place for a November meeting!

I hope Neuroethics & Law Blog readers will come on down and participate in the meeting and perhaps check out a bit of SfN too! And remember, San Diego is Adam's home base... Adam, are we all invited for dinner the night before???


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