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Youre going to be surprised :)

Amen to all of these suggestions. Here are three others for Westlaw that, as far as I can tell from my admittedly less than complete knowledge of Westlaw, haven't yet been implemented:

(1) Give Westlaw users more control over the default file name for each downloaded file. For those of us who -- especially in the age of iPad and other eReaders -- would rather archive, read and annotate electronic versions of our Westlaw files without ever printing them out, the best default file name would be something that identifies each file by author and a short title (and perhaps some indication of the search terms used to obtain it) rather than volume number and publication abbreviation. That would be the best name for electronically archiving, indexing, and finding each article I've downloaded -- as well as making sure it's stored in the appropriate folder on my computer or eReading device.

(2) Allow individuals to download documents not just file by file -- but as a user-friendly package -- into a single folder, a PDF portfolio (ttp://, or other integrated set of files.


(3) as I can say post-Apple's Jan. 27 iPad announcement, create a good App for searching and obtaining files on iPad and other tablets.

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