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This conclusion is based on the erroneous assumption that the symptoms of mental illness are visible to others. Can you really pick out the person with PTSD on the street? The person who is depressed? The person who is delusional but acting just like anybody else? As a retired outpatient therapist in a community mental health center, I know I sure can't. what is very visible in fact are the side effects of medications such as TD and akathesia. Sure there are exceptions, but Satel's article lumps every mental illness and every person with mental illness into one big basket and therefore concludes with a generalization that has no validity.

Thank you for posting the comments of 4/27/2009. Please go to to view members of the speakers' bureau "The Heard" present their stories. These are vital young people. All have experienced mental disorder and speak to encourage others. The National Mental Health Awareness Campaign's Speakers' Bureau "is devoted to removing the stigma surrounding mental disorders while also promoting mental health for everyone."

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