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Wow! a truly brilliant piece in experimental philosophy.

Well argumented and designed, and with a very cogent explanation of the results observed.

But, why a small group of participants, 25%, who thought it was less permisible to hit the swicth are considered as a category and then reconstructed as to be affected by an "affect-driven bias" that suposedely disconfirm moral intuitionism.

Why intuitions, in my reading emotional reactions to events, have to be considered as distortions of objectivity (Damasio´s work recognize the important role of emotions in decision-making, even in the moral domain)

Lets go to imagine that we agree that they are comanded by negative affect about the fate of the lonely worker in the side track, and that this affect, or passion, is what impell them to view the case as les permissible (e.g. guilty)

I believe, demonstrating an actor-observer asymetry, is not a case against moral intuitionism.

Only demosntrates the different psychological mechanisms involve in percieving ones own behaviour and other´s behaviour. Is this unreability. No. Because you and me, we, share the same "intuition apparatus" and when we reverse the perspective, always comes first the intuition.

The primary, or our first resort, is intuitionistic (sentimentally driven, or at least, non-cognitive mediated, and therefore even Sinnot-Armstrong´s skeptical argument against moral intuitions is nost right. Pace Professor Sinnot-Armastrong).

The real finding is, why in some minority of people´s responses is not express and display the appropiate intensity of affect (the guilty feeling more intense when is personal than when is impersonal which block correct moral cognition and judgment), and why we see ourselves differently than others (see, Emily Pronin´s work).

Nevertheless, i share with the authors, the intuitionist cannot defend himself from the armchair (or at least completely)so they can ghatering data and put the ultimate and definitive hurdle, though, i think this is not.

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