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I suppose the question is - what did it do for her? I seem to remember stories from college friends of my parents (and perhaps even my parents themselves) discussing taking "uppers" during college and staying awake for three days to cram for an exam, then sleeping for two days afterwards, scoring fine on the exam, but remembering nothing of the subject matter. On a similar note, I take ADHD medication myself (Strattera), but all it allows me to do is concentrate to be able to study - if I put 60 mins of study time in, before or after Strattera, the results or the same. All the Strattera has done is allow me to stay put for 60 mins.

Coincidently, we also featured Molly's piece today as part of "The Issue of the Day" at The Issue ( While Molly's piece has sure struck up some conversation, we also point to other perspectives, including an analytical post, as well as an experts view on a recent study done by the FDA and the Agency for Healthcare Research and Quality. It's a truly multifaceted approach which opens the conversation up even more. Your readers might be interested in what the experts have to say for themselves. I know I was intrigued.


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