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Consent (informed or just consent by default arising from the principle of autonomy) it is not orthogonal to many issues debated in contemporary free will studies.

If we assume willed action or just the capacity to form beliefs and act upon them in pursue of some goal as an expression of free will, in its political dimension, any interference or external force acting against it, is catastofric for the individual.

I think that acknowledge the social construction and historical perception of ceratin phenomena is very helpful.

It is tremendous how change the notion of responsibility over the years as Brewer´s analysis shows !

Although i think free will is matter of biological investigation (stressing primordially the cogntive and emotinal factors not the historical) and what mechanisms in our mind/brain allow the execution of free will actions, always if the physical laws could let room to free will despite determinism, it is interesting to notice that responsibility, consent autonomy and many other "capacities" have their economic and social facets.

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