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I live in the UK and constantly experience synthetic telepathy.After six years I am used to it and have a laugh and a joke with the supercomputer, because the artificial intelligence characters are not to blame; it's the fault of the scientists who target people like myself.
It proves that human beings are adaptable and can learn to function as normally as possible with this powerful technology.
What makes me laugh even more are the PHD fellows and research scientists who don't believe a word of it because they are simply ignorant of the emerging science of psychotronics.
My friend Derek is one of them and works as a scientist in a robotics lab here in Oxford. We don't discuss it much nowadays as he has very fixed opinions about it and thinks it is impossible. Amusingly his research is funded by the MOD who wouldn't dream of giving a civilian scientist classified information.
I find it amusing that I know more about it than Derek; science is knowledge and personal experience is proof enough for me.

The dreams are really interesting and sitting "alone" having a beer can be highly amusing with "the lady" in my head; and boy is she good in bed sometimes!

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