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This research is ground-breaking. I have been following this information and recently wrote a book based on it titled, "Preventing Addiction: What Parents Must Know To Immunize Their Kids Against Drug and Alcohol Addiction". It incorporates this valuable research on "brain, behavior and drugs" but my book applies it to PREVENTION rather than treatment. All the major studies show that the incidence and severity of drug addiction and alcoholism is directly proportionate to the "age of first use", mainly alcohol.

You will find in these studies that there are no major findings, yet, that point to a break-through in treatment. "Once addicted, always addicted" still rings true today as much as it did when AA was formed a long time ago. The most important question that arises from this data is: wouldn't our kids be better off PREVENTED from becoming alcoholics or addicts rather than spending lots of money to treat them, only to have them become severely dysfunctional and repeatedly relapse for many years and well into adulthood?

I ask that bloggers read my book or at least come to my site and learn more about how parents, grandparents and educators can stop drug kingpins and drug crime by removing the demand. Finally, don't depend on drug education for our kids. For the most part it is ineffective for a number of reasons.

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