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I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks

I will continue to visit enjoyed the reading thanks

I've been following Kuiken's work for some time. Glad to see that he's continuing his groundbreaking work with myoelectric sensors and rewiring nerves to pectoral muscle. However ingenious this is, though, ultimately it is just a stopgap solution. Once methods of direct brain-to-electronic control catch up, I don't see a need for this sort of thing.

One problem that Kuiken had, at least from the news reports a year ago, is that the electric signals you pick up from flesh are extremely weak – even electric interference even from overhead fluorescent lights can interfere with the signal. In addition, if the goal is enhancement, instead of regaining limb functionality, losing pectoral muscle sounds like it could be a problem in an healthy patient. How would a patient with a Kuiken implant do the bench press?

In the end though, the non-invasiveness of the procedure makes it incredibly attractive for something that is acheivable right now.

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