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I found this article quite provocative. The interplay between the creation of disorders and their "cure" is a subtle and cpmplex process, and the Japan example is interesting because--more than most industrialized societies--they started from gorund zero in terms of the defnition of the disorder. For years, I was never particularly sympathetic to Foucault, but recently analyses of big pharma in particular have made me much more willing to entertain that kind of analysis. Increasingly, especially under momentum from pharma companies, we seem to be defining disorders into existence or, as in the Japanese example, making the standards for inclusion within the category vastly broader. (Incidentally, a good popular study of this in regard to children is Richard Louv/s recent "The Last Child in the Woods: Saving Our Children form Nature-Deficit Disorder" [Algonquin, 2006].) Thanks for calling my attention to this!

And thanks for your insightful comment!

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