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I take your point, but, what makes you think there is such a thing as "thoughtful, nuanced . . . reservations about enhancement technologies"?

That is to say, there are certainly lots of questions to be asked about theoretical issues such as the definition of "health" or "normality", the role and goals of the healing professions, and so forth, and lots of thoughtful discussion needed on the implications of various technological or social developments in the health arena. And it is understandable that sincere, insightful people could reach different conclusions on the moral or practical advisability of various courses of action (though I suspect you're engaging in near-delusional optimism if you expect any of that from the CBHD).

But I'm not sure that any such analysis - "thoughtful", "nuanced", "sincere", "insightful", or whatever it may be - will lead to a blanket conclusion that what we currently experience and imagine as "good" health and "normal" body type is the only correct way for humans to live. That is to say, I think that, whatever our good-faith disagreements about basic moral or prudential principles, there are some conclusions it is not reasonable for reasonable people to reach, and I suspect that absolutist positions on questions of fundamentally personal value such as health or body function are one such. (Check with anyone in the Deaf-activism or disability-rights community if you disagree.)

I am not offering a moral argument. I am not claiming that it is bad or immoral for people to believe that certain forms of "health" or "therapy" are right or wrong - that would be an issue perfectly open to discussion. (In fact, it is the issue you suggest we should discuss.) I am offering more a logical observation: certain beliefs are untenable because there is no way to hold them without distorting reasonable beliefs fundamental to that subject beyond the bounds of rationality. Creationism is such a belief in the realm of science. "Scientific racism" is such a belief in the realm of anthropology or social science. And the therapy/enhancement distinction is such a belief in the realm of healthcare. Any issue so self-evidently fraught with personal value assessments cannot be asserted as a question of logic or fact - it is a category mistake (or, possibly, the naturalistic fallacy) to do so. And the plainly twisted logic and special pleading of the Leon Kass/CBHD types who do so is not mere evidence of poor argumentation on their part - it is the necessary result of deluding yourself into thinking you can do what can't be done.

Kass's "wisdom of repugnance" is the phlogiston of medical ethics; the CBHD's "10-foot-wide brick wall" of human bodily essentialism is its perpetual motion machine. These moral-epistemological fantasies can only result in the garbled and perfervidly emotional embarassments that constitute their pronouncements on moral issues. I don't urge others to try to better their examples in following such an ill-chosen path to factually grounded moral conclusions.

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