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Even if it turns out that Ambien can rouse some vegetative patients, I suspect there would have to be some bit of brain left on which the drug can act. It was my understanding that Schiavo did not have much that hadn't liquified at the time of her death. I admit to very limited knowledge of the non-invasive techniques to determine the physical state of the brain- but if it can be done, you should still be able to separate those who are "just sleeping" and those who are in fact "brain dead" and can't be brought back to life.

My daughter had a near drowning accident approx. a year ago. She was diagnosed with persistive vegetative state; I was told that she would never be able to see, hear or respond to anything. Since then she has regained vision and hearing. She is still unable to speak or walk, but can communicate wether she likes something or not. I am now trying to find
doctors or research centers who have done research on Ambien. If anyone has any info that could be helpful please email me at

As there been any new research on ambien and persistant vegative state besides that it wakes them up for 4 hours? My mother has been in a vegatative state for 19 years and I recently learned about this and I want to discuss this with her doctor. Please give me any info that you may have to help me. Thank You

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