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I am a British combat veteran of the Falklands War I have suffered from acute PTSD since 1982, I have two failed marriages behind me and I nearly went to prison for a firearms offence, my PTSD was at the root of all these problems, In 2000 I went to Downing Street to hand back my medals to Tony Blair at the lack of treatement given to veterens returning from oparational tours of duty. As in Vietnam more Falklands veterans have taken thier own lives than were KIA. Civilians dont undertand what PTSD is and have the attitude of "you wanted to be a soldier" They dont see it as thier problem until they are the ones in the firing line. I have self coped with my PTSD by writing, I have written one book already published titled `Cloudpuncher` and I am having another one published for the 25th Anniversary of the War Titled `Watching Men Burn` You can read some of my poetry here

Take Care


I have now started a Blog about my year leading up to the 25th Anniversary of the Falklands War, how I cope with my condition through my poetry.

These types of cases are being tracked in ePluribus Media's PTSD Timeline: -- Current stateside combat-ptsd related OEF/OIF returning troop stats as found in press reports through 5/1/06:

* Murder/suicides: 9 (18 deaths total)
* Suicides: 32
* Attempted suicides: 4
* Murders: 30
* Attempted murders: 6

Much more related info at PTSD Combat: Winning the War Within:

My Brother Served 3 tours in Iraq and got out of the Army Because of ptsd. I two never heard of ptsd till then. He got out of the Army Feb. 2009 and a couple months ago he had a flashback and ended up killing 2 people and wounding another. My Brother is a very caring person, how this could have happened to such a sweat man, Father, and Brother I have no idea. My brother don't even remember the events the happened that day and sadly we had to tell him. He didn't believe us till he was shown the proof. This PTSD is very real, My family and community is devisted. What do we do to save my Brother and other soldiers how do we get the word out there. I have a Daughter, do I need to worry that another soldier may have a flashback and harm her. This will happen again, how do they get the right treatments. My Brother went to the VA about everyday following everthing they told him would help. IT DIDN'T!! Please keep us in your prayers as I will for you all. Dawn.

Thanks for starting this blog. I have been utilizing spect brain imaging for the past 14 years and integrating that into daily working with patients. In the last 14 years only 100% of the time in the initial session have medications and/or supplements needed to be changed.When will we start looking at the brain before prescribing medications, supplements, or various psychotherapeutic interventions? You or I would not allow a doc to set our leg without looking at an x-ray!!
With Respect,
Dr. Earl R Henslin

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