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what law?

WHEN did any Congress pass a law
allowing and regulating euthanasia?
WHAT STATE passed a law making euthanasia lawful?
WHEN did it become NOT Murder to STARVE and DEHYDRATE someone
who is incapacitated (permanently or not)
to the point of DEATH ..???
WHERE are all of these laws written, that we may go read them?
after all, ignorance of the law is no excuse, no ..???
what acts of Congress or of the State Legislatures enabled
euthanasia to be a legal process ..???
where is the law that says a husband has a RIGHT to DEMAND
his wife be put to death, incapacitated or not ..???
even WITH "patient's explicit written consent" what LAW
says that a Doctor can facilitate death by starvation
and dehydration ..???
if starving and dehydrating someone to death is so EUPHORIC,
WHY do we have so many OVERWEIGHT people ..???
have YOU ever tried going even TWO FULL DAYS without
food and water ..???
(bet ya CAN'T)

starvation and dehydration have LONG been "tools" used by
leftist socialist totalitarian governments and tyrants
to commit GENOCIDE ..!!!

Terri Schindler Schiavo has now died after 14 days
of FORCED STARVATION without food and water ..!!!
THAT is JUSTICE and "rule of law"? NO ..!!!
it is rule by JUDGE ..!!!
it was an execution based on HEARSAY ..!!!

paraphrasing Abraham Lincoln,
'those who deny food and water to others,
when it is in their power to provide it,
deserve it NOT for themselves,
and under a JUST God, will not long retain it.'

"Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you."
whatever you SOW, THAT IS EXACTLY what you'll reap.

One Lord
One Blood
One Body
One King
One Kingdom
One Law
One Covenant
One Savior
One Sacrifice
One Gospel
One Baptism
One Word
One Cause
One Christ
One Truth
One Light
One Way
One Accord
One Justice
One Mercy
One Grace
One Death
One Resurrection

two witnesses for Jesus Christ,
The Holy Spirit
and The Word
and The Will of Almighty God.

Robin A Muster, Sr
Robin A. Muster, Jr
4945 Eldon Drive North
Colorado Springs, Colorado 80916-3378
719-390-5882 USA
FAX 390-1076

follow you NOT us,
follow you ONLY Jesus Christ,
for we are TRULY only sinners,
saved by Grace.
but as we conquer what is "within"
HE will conquer ALL that is "without"
after all, HE ALREADY DID ..!!!

America now merchandises to the lowest instincts
of human nature and caters to human death
with more enthusiasm than human life.

as The Lord God Jesus Christ LIVETH,
before whom we stand,
watch the storms and seas grow even more violent NOW ..!!!

BEHOLD The POWER of our Lord Jesus Christ........
WOE to those who THINK they hold power over life and death
in their hands, and think they answer to no one over it ..!!!
WOE to those who choose suicide ..!!!
WOE to those who willingly participate in MURDER ..!!!

HENCEFORTH, those who deny food and water to anyone
as "euthanasia" MAY eat and drink,
but their food and water will do THEM NO good
unless or until they REPENT ..!!!

are you aware, America, that the Doctors are ALREADY
harvesting organs from people who are not yet dead,
even drug addics ..??? that's GOULISH, no ..???
Orwellian in scope and context, yes ..???

"Do unto others, as you would have others do unto you"
THAT IS The LAW ..!!!

Destroy these two temples,
and Jesus Christ will resurrect us again
within 3 1/2 days ..!!!

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